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Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your merchandise, please contact us to expedite an exchange.
Shipping & Handling
Published charts show standard rates for shipments to the continental U.S. only. Additional Freight for Shipments outside of the continental U.S. or Rush Service will be added to your invoice.
Large Quantity Orders
Merchandise in this catalog is available in large quantities. This may extend the delivery time. To ensure that the merchandise will arrive when required, please check with us for a delivery date. Factory rush charges and actual freight may apply.
Brand & Logo Event Merchandise
We have just about anything you might want for all of your special promotional needs, such as...

  • Company / Division Meetings
  • Premiums and Incentives
  • Company Events
  • Trade Shows
  • New Product Introductions
  • Community Events
  • Business Gifts
  • Employee Gifts
  • Awards and Recognition

Although we have offered you a wide variety of merchandise in this catalog, we realize that not every specific need will be met. We are your reliable and convenient source for competitive pricing and innovative ideas to meet both your budget and delivery requirements. For fast and personal service, please call us anytime during normal business hours.

Apparel Sizing Chart
These are standardized size charts for apparel. Certain styles of garments may vary slightly based on the manufacturers cut. For the best fit, please use this chart when ordering apparel items.
Men's Size Chart
Size Chest Waist Hips Neck Sleeve
S 34-36 28-30 35-37 14 32-33
M 38-40 32-34 39-41 15 33-34
L 46-48 36-40 43-45 16 34-35
XL 46-48 42-44 47-49 17 35-36
XXL 50-52 46-48 51-53 18 36-37
Women's Size Equivalents
Men's Size Women's Size Dept. Store Size
S <-4
S M 8-10
M L 12-14
L XL 14-16
XL XXL 16-18
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