Bring comfort to a friend or loved one with the purchase of a Jill Bag.

Jill Bag

With the purchase of a Jill Bag, the amount of $50 will go back to help support the Jill Bertolini Fund at MidState Medical Center and The Hospital of Central Connecticut. The bag provides breast cancer patients who go through a mastectomy with a collection of comfort items to help with their healing and recovery.
$199.99 each

A purchase of a Jill Bag supports the Jill Bertolini Fund at MidState Medical Center and The Hospital of Central Connecticut.

Jill Bertolini, was a breast cancer patient and Hartford Healthcare colleague who was dedicated to supporting patients through providing post-operative necessities. Jill created this bag to offer comfort and healing to other women as they recovered from a mastectomy. She put together the first bag and gave it to her doctor asking that she give it to the next mastectomy patient she cared for. What Jill did not realize at that moment in her selflessness, was that this would only be the first of many patients who would receive a gift created out of her kindness and generosity of spirit. She was creating a legacy!

In June 2021, Jill’s colleagues launched the Inaugural Jill Bertolini Symposium which raised more than $50,000. The event now ensures that every woman who goes through a mastectomy will receive a Jill Bag. Jill was overwhelmed with gratitude – realizing her once-a-year gesture would now be done on a regular basis. She wanted these bags to be part of her legacy, which brought her a tremendous sense of pride. The symposium also provides discussion and information about cancer screenings, diagnoses, treatments, resources and advancements in technology.Jill's story shines a spotlight on a disease that impacts countless people, including families, friends and colleagues. The message to everyone is the same as the event's motto: No one fights alone. Sadly, Jill passed away on December 7, 2021 after a courageous 15-month battle with pancreatic cancer which was unrelated to her previous breast cancer. Jill’s legacy will have a profound impact on other women and their families – also faced with a cancer diagnosis. The Hospital of Central Connecticut and MidState Medical Center are proud to be the driving force behind that legacy – to ensure that her memory, strength, and devotion will live on for years to come. The Jill Bag will help to ensure that legacy.

For every bag purchased $50 from each purchase will be donated to the Jill Bertolini Fund to ensure that each patient will continue to receive a bag at no charge. To learn more about the Jill Bertolini Fund, please visit: midstatemedical/jill-bertolini-fund or style="color: #a6228e;"">thocc/jill-bertolini-fund.

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